Memorial for Sensei Soiland

CKA Loses a Lifetime Friend

Sensei Jim Soiland (left) and his son Jim (right)
Sensei Jim Soiland standing behind his wife Kandace and sons Jim and Erik

Sensei Jim Soiland
4/29/1964 – 5/29/2011


Beloved husband, father, brother and Martial Artist, James Lee Soiland, of Littleton, Colorado, passed away on Sunday, May 29, 2011.  Jim was born in 1964 in Guam.  When Jim was 10 years old, his family settled in Colorado Springs where Jim graduated from William J. Palmer High School.  Jim delighted in his childrens activities and he enjoyed motocross and various martial arts.  Jim, along with his oldest son, joined The Peoples Kenpo Karate Association in 1996.  Just 4 years later, both Jim and Jimmy earned their black belts.  Over the past decade, Jim has worked with a very devoted group of Peoples Kenpo Karate students teaching the “Pit” conditioning classes and the Doce Pares system of Escrima.  Jim is a proud and honored Hall of Fame Member of the Colorado Karate Association, an organization which he volunteered countless hours to.  Jim is survived by his wife Kandace, children James Vincent and Erik Michael, sisters Elizabeth Donovan (Scott) and Michele Parker (Mark) both of Colorado Springs, his loving stepfather Richard ‘Bud’ Beck of Colorado Springs, Colorado, and many nephews and nieces along with other family members.  Please join us for a Celebration of Life Service from 4-7 p.m. Thursday, June 9, 2011 at Terrace Gardens at Dove Valley, 13065 East Briarwood Avenue, Centennial, Colorado 80112.  Jim was a very generous man and he loved Christmas shopping for the Adopt A Family organization every year.  Jim would always say, ‘Every child should have a gift to open on Christmas Day.’  In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to Merrick & Company in reference to Adopt a Family to fund this worthy cause.  Donations may also be made to The Childrens Hospital Foundation.

Letter from the President:

It is with a heavy heart I have to tell you all that, sadly, this past Sunday, the CKA lost one of its own.  Jim Soiland Sr. passed away, and will be sorely missed by us all.  Jim was not just a great martial artist, but a great man.  He gave so much to the arts and to the CKA.  Hall of Fame Member, Board Member, Webmaster, the list goes on and on.  Jim was responsible for bringing the CKA into the computer age with the web site and the CKA database.  He gave unselfishly of his time and energy.  I would like all of you to please keep Jim and his family in your hearts and thoughts during this difficult time.  Memorial donations can be made during the tournament at the CKA booth.


David Coppock
Colorado Karate Association

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  1. There are always surprises in life; sometimes good, sometimes not so good – and then there are the ones that leave you wondering how something that bad could have happened. I was never a close friend of Jim Soiland, but I knew him well enough to know that he a was a perfect gentleman, a wonderful parent, and a very accomplished martial artist who earned the respect of everyone who came into contact with him. I’ve never heard a word about him from anyone that didn’t include some type of comment about what a nice guy he was. And this past Sunday we all lost one of the best guys in this world. I only pray that Jim finally has some peace in his new home in Heaven, and that his family and friends will be able to find some peace in this life until they meet again. He was, and is loved very much. I miss you too, Jim.


  2. So sorry to hear of the death of Jim Soiland. He was always kind and professional, always “the guy doing the work.” Whenever something needed doing, he was there to help get the work done, or would just do the job himself when no one else would help. That was my impression of him. He made life easier and better for everyone else. Such a loss.

  3. Michael O'Riordan says:

    I was shocked and saddened when I learned the news about Jim’s passing. Shocked because he was so young and energetic, and saddened because he was truly one of the nicest guys I have met in my entire life. He always made those of us from up here in Northern Colorado feel welcome at CKA Tournaments. Jim was always one of the very first to arrive at CKA events and one of the very last to leave. He was smart, funny, a hard worker, a good fighter, and extremely caring toward others. “God’s Dojo” just got another Black Belt member. See you in class someday, Jim. Rest In Peace my friend; “Gentleman” Jim Soiland!

  4. Ryan Pierce says:

    Such a loss. I hadn’t been able to see Jim and his family for some time. We both joined our respective arts about the same time, and always comiserated about bruises and shared triumphs. Very glad that he was able to share with so many people.

  5. David Cherubim says:

    Jim will always be remembered, honored and loved. He was a great man and an admirable friend to have. Some of my best memories in life are with Jim. He will be deeply missed. May he rest in peace.

  6. Jean Paschke says:

    With the excitement of a child just returning from Disneyland, Jim writes “I just got back from the Microsoft Campus. What a blast.” I write back “Jim, you are such a nerd!” Jim found excitement in so many things. I am so lucky, blessed, and honored to have met Jim and his family. Jim was patient, kind, and funny. He loved and adored his family; treasured his friendships. I will miss Jim and keep him and his family in my thoughts and prayers.

  7. Kandace Soiland says:

    It is with deepest gratitude that our family extends our appreciation for all of your support. We are grateful for your generosity at this most difficult time. My sons and I are moved by all of the prayers and calls and support we have received from the Martial Arts community. Thank you. I will never forget your kindness.

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