Judge’s Test

This test is intended to baseline evaluate all potential CKA judges to ensure strong and consistent results at all CKA events. Please read all questions carefully and answer each before submitting.

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During clash sparring, it is acceptable to throw four punches as long as they are followed up with a kick.

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Protest of rule infractions can NOT be made by:

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During point sparring, red fighter really loads upa technique. The officials waive the warning and award a point to white fighter for excessive contact. On the next exchange, white fighter scores with a reverse punch as red fighter lands a low kick to white fighters knee. The correct call is

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In point sparring, striking to the head with control of a downed opponent is acceptable only adult black belt divisions.

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A point sparring ring has five officials. After a sparring exchange, the center referee calls for points. Two corner judges confirm white fighters head kick. One judges calls white fighter punch. One judge calls red fighter‘s kick the center referee calls red fighter‘s punch. The correct call is: 

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The forehead is / is not considered part of the face and you can / can not have contact to it in all divisions. (Complete the sentence choosing the two correct answers)

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In clash sparring, face contact is NOT allowed in:

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In point sparring divisions where face contact is NOT allowed, techniques must be focusewithin ________ of the face to be scored

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In traditional weapons forms, your bo must be made of wood.

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Multiple and aerial kicks, gymnastics and acrobatics are allowed in Creative, Musical and Contemporary Weapons divisions but not Traditional forms or Traditional Weapons.

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If a division has weight restrictions, a competitor must:

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In point sparring, groin is a legal target in all adult intermediate, advanced and black belt sparring divisions.

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In forms competition with three judges the scorekeeper:

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With five judges in a forms division, the first step to break a tie is:

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In point sparring, on the first exchange the red fighter touches white fighter’s face in a division that doesnt allow face contact. Only two officials call face contact, there is not a majority to confirm this infraction. On the next exchange the white fighter is called for face contact in which three of the five officials confirm it. The correct call is

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As long as two coaching passes are purchased, it‘s acceptable for a competitor to have two coaches at the same time.

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Adult divisions are for competitors that:

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Heavy / excessive contact is defined as the use of force beyond what is necessary to score a point. It is evident by:

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Uniform sleeves must reach at least the _____________________ to be acceptable in CKA tournaments.

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In point sparring, white fighter lands a spinning hook kick to the head of red fighter. Before break is called, red fighter throws a non- malicious blind spinning back fist (no contact made). All three officials confirm the point scored and red fighters rule infraction, (this is red fighters second rule infraction). The correct call is

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All point sparring matches last for two running minutes or the first competitor to score ten points.

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In traditional forms, a 9 year old intermediate student performs a forward roll ending in an upward block reverse punch combination. The result is:

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A competitor is considered Out of Bounds” when they willfully step out with one foot.

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In clash sparring, striking to the body of a downed opponent is acceptable in adult black belt divisions.

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In sparring divisions, byes are given out in a random order; they are not determined by the order in which your entry was received.

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The center referee can override the judges and independently waive a warning to issue either a penalty point or DQ a competitor immediately following a rules infraction.

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A coach or competitor can call for one (1), 10 second time out per match when:

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Competitors can compete in a beginning division if:

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In point sparring, contact which results in bleeding is NOT an automatic disqualification in what divisions:

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In forms competition a competitor is called to the ring but shows up 90 seconds late. No valid reason can be offered for their tardiness and therefore: