Elections for the CKA Board are held annually.  The term of service is two (2) years.  The open positions are scattered bi-annually to ensure that there is not a year where all board members are new.

Qualifications:  Must be 18 or over; a CKA voting member, a recognized holder of an advanced belt rank (Red, Brown, or Black), and have a minimum of two (2) years experience as a board member, or two years business experience or college education.  There shall be no more than two (2) board members from the same school, company, or agency holding a position on the board at the same time.

Submitting a resume:  Resumes are due to be submitted prior to the final CKA tournament of the year.  This year the due date has been extended to September 23, 2017.  Please submit resumes either via email to jean@fivestarmartialarts.com, or by regular mail to CKA, P.O. Box 411, Brighton, CO  80601.

Voting:  Elections will be held at the CKA Season Finale.  Only CKA members, owners of CKA member schools, and parents of minor CKA members are allowed to vote.