Interested in holding a CKA sanctioned event? Read below for the requirements in becoming a CKA Promoter. Contact Us for an application request.

Requirements for a “New Promoter” CKA Sanction

Must be in Good Standing with the CKA

  • Must hold, at minimum, the rank of Black Belt in a recognized Martial Art.
  • Have been an active CKA member and attached, (owner or instructor), to an active member school for a minimum of 2 years.

Considerations for the CKA Board of Directors in determining acceptance of a new promoter. (These are simply some of the things to be considered)

  • Is this person in good standing with the CKA?
  • A letter must be submitted to Colorado Karate Association (CKA) Board of Director for approval to host a CKA Sanction tournament. (Tournament request submitted and approved after the year of 2023 will need to resubmit for approval annually. Tournaments approved prior to 2023 are grandfathered in. Therefore, an annual request is not required.
  • Familiar with the relevant details of Colorado Karate Association tournament format, to include required divisions, knowledge of the Colorado Karate Association Rule Book, quality of awards, technical resources available through Colorado Karate Association IT, and tournament entry fees requirements.
  • Does this person have a positive reputation in the Martial Arts community?
  • Been a past Martial Arts tournament promoter or have hands on experience in assisting, planning, and/or taking the lead promoting current CKA sanctioned tournaments.
  • What kind of support does this potential promoter have in throwing their first event to increase the likelihood of success.
  • What kind of support does this potential promoter currently give to CKA tournament promoters.
  • What kind of support is this potential promoter willing and able to give in the future. Example: Suppling judges, helpers, Score/Timekeepers, set up and breakdown at events.

If Approved for a CKA Sanction

  • Promoters must follow the CKA tournament format which includes:
    • Adhering to current CKA rule book for competition rules.
    • Tournament must be scheduled 3 weeks before and/or after an approved Tournament in the same Tournament Season.
    • Offer all required divisions at their event (consistent with year-end rankings).
    • Use of standard equipment for safe competition environment, i.e., Mats for competition rings.
    • Once approved for CKA sanctioned tournament Sanctioning fee is required prior to the beginning of the tournament season.
    • Proof of Tournament insurance with the Colorado Karate Association listed as “Additional Insured” must be provided 30 days prior to scheduled event.
    • Fulfill all financial obligations with any vendors such as awards, venue, etc. Being delinquent reflects poorly on the CKA.
    • Required to volunteer in a minimum of 4 tournaments per season in a role beneficial to that Tournament promoter. Judge, coordinator, etc.
    • Required to adhere to any required steps needed by the Technical Support Consultant
    • Required to provide competitor results to CKA rankings director within 7 days after tournament.
    • Promoters must receive pre-approval of any tournament format and/or process changes outside the standard CKA tournament format and/or requirements. Failure to do so could result in loss of CKA sanction.

Current Promoters are exempt from “New promoter” requirements as they are already proven to be in good standing, run quality events, and have a history of fulfilling all requirements that are asked of new promoters.