New Rules for 2020!

New for 2020, Please Read!

  • Face Shield is required for all competitors under the age of 18 for sparring.
  • Face Shield’s in sparring for under the age of 18 are NO LONGER A TARGET.
  • All forms divisions will be scored after all competitors have gone.
    Large divisions will now be split at over 16 competitors rather than at 20 Junior.
  • Light Continuous competitors may compete in 2 divisions, the one they weigh in at and one weight class higher – Move up in weight at your own risk!
  • Simultaneous points can now be awarded – a Judge can award each fighter a point.
  • Wooden Bo is required in Traditional Forms. Traditional Wood Bo is considered natural wood color.
  • Music is not allowed in Creative Forms or Creative Weapons Divisions.
    Adult Brown/Black Belts must judge throughout the tournament to have their competition fee waived.
  • Transgender competitor must follow the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) Rules to compete in any Colorado Karate Association Divisions.
  • Scores will be given once all forms competitors have performed their form.
  • Any participants under the age of 5, participating in Little Dragon’s Division, will not count towards tournament experience.
    Groin contact is NO LONGER A TARGET IN ANY DIVISIONS – An illegal target.

“Continuous Sparring” has been replaced by “Clash Sparring”

  • Clash Sparring will replace Continuous Sparring in 2020. As this is the first year for the CKA offering Clash Sparring, it has been decided that we will use a simplified version of the NASKA rules for Clash Sparring.

    • The competitor is allowed to throw a maximum of 3 strikes before disengaging.
    • You are allowed 1 strike while you are disengaging.
    • Unlike the NASKA rules, every strike counts as 1 strike, no multiple kicks that only count as 1 strike.
    • The competitor must break on their own after throwing 3 strikes, no break will be called.
    • If the competitor fails to break, a warning, and then penalties will be assessed.

  • Clash Sparring will be scored the same as Continuous Sparring.
  • Please see the video below for a general understanding of Clash Sparring.

We will not be Using Ring Times

All adult black belt forms will start at 9:00 am. All kids divisions will start at 10:30 am and will run in the order listed on the flyer.
Please arrive early enough for your division!

CKA Division Codes:
TF – Traditional Forms – Empty Hand
S – Point Sparring
TW – Traditional Weapons
CF – Creative Forms – No Music
M – Open Musical Forms – Music Required
CW – Comtemporary Weapons
CS – Clash Sparring
FD – Flying Dragons – 5 Years and Under Forms
HC – Handicapable Forms

** All Continuous Fighters Must Weigh in at the CKA Booth **

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