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This registration form is for CKA Members only. If you are not a CKA Member, this registration will be deemed invalid.

Register for virtual divisions by filling out the required information and selecting the division that you wish to register for. You will also need to upload a video of your submission. Larger videos will take time to upload. Videos can be a maximum of 200 MB in size, we recommend recording at HD (720p) quality or less. Be sure to make good choices with your lighting and background, judges can only rate what they can clearly see.

Each video must begin with you stating the following:

  • Your Name
  • Name of Tournament
  • Date of Tournament
  • Name of Division

If you wish to register for multiple divisions, please fill out the form again for each division.

By submitting an entry, you are agreeing to all terms detailed in the Official Rules.

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CF —-Creative Forms—-, CF001 5-8 Beg/Int, CF002 5-8 Adv, CF003 9-12 Beg/Int, CF004 9-12 Adv, CF005 13-17 Beg/Int, CF006 13-17 Adv, CF007 Adult Under Black Belt, CF008 Adult Black Belt, CW —-Contemporary Weapons—-, CW001 5-8 Beg/Int Short Weapons, CW002 5-8 Adv Short Weapons, CW003 9-12 Beg/Int Short Weapons, CW004 9-12 Adv Short Weapons, CW005 13-17 Beg/Int Short Weapons, CW006 13-17 Adv Short Weapons, CW007 Adult Under Black Belt Short Weapons, CW008 Adult Black Belt Short Weapons, CW101 5-8 Beg/Int Long Weapons, CW102 5-8 Adv Long Weapons, CW103 9-12 Beg/Int Long Weapons, CW104 9-12 Adv Long Weapons, CW105 13-17 Beg/Int Long Weapons, CW106 13-17 Adv Long Weapons, CW107 Adult Under Black Belt Long Weapons, CW108 Adult Black Belt Long Weapons, FD —-Flying Dragons—-, FD001 4 and under, FL —-Fun-Loving Forms—-, FL001 Funny or Costume, HC —-Handicapable—-, HC001 Handicapable, M —-Open/Musical—-, M001 5-8 Beg/Int, M002 5-8 Adv, M003 9-12 Beg/Int, M004 9-12 Adv, M005 13-17 Beg/Int, M006 13-17 Adv, M007 Adult Under Black Belt, M008 Adult Black Belt, TF —-Traditional Forms—-, TF001 6 & under Beg, TF002 6 & under Int/Adv, TF003 7-8 Beg/Int, TF004 7-8 Adv, TF005 9-12 Beg/Int, TF006 9-12 Adv, TF007 13-17 Beg/Int, TF008 13-17 Adv, TF009 Adult Beg/Int, TF010 Adult Adv, TF011 Adult Black Belt, TF012 Adult 35+ Beg/Int, TF013 Adult 35+ Adv/Black Belt, TF014 Adult 50+ Adv/Black Belt, TW —-Traditional Weapons—-, TW001 5-8 Beg/Int Short Weapons, TW002 5-8 Adv Short Weapons, TW003 9-12 Beg/Int Short Weapons, TW004 9-12 Adv Short Weapons, TW005 13-17 Beg/Int Short Weapons, TW006 13-17 Adv Short Weapons, TW007 Adult Under Black Belt Short Weapons, TW008 Adult Black Belt Short Weapons, TW101 5-8 Beg/Int Long Weapons, TW102 5-8 Adv Long Weapons, TW103 9-12 Beg/Int Long Weapons, TW104 9-12 Adv Long Weapons, TW105 13-17 Beg/Int Long Weapons, TW106 13-17 Adv Long Weapons, TW107 Adult Under Black Belt Long Weapons, TW108 Adult Black Belt Long Weapons