2019 CKA Banquet Registration


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We would like to encourage school owners, parents, grandparents, and all other competitor supporters to come and join us in celebrating another great year of competition.

If you received an award, you have three options:

  1. You may receive your award at this year’s CKA banquet.
    The banquet will be held at the Stonebrook Manor Event Center & Gardens located at:
    650 East 124th Avenue, Thornton, on Saturday, December 7, 2019, at noon.
    Competitors will be called individually to receive their awards.
  2. You may pick up your award at the CKA Season Opener
    (if you choose this option and do not pick it up at the Opener, it will be disposed of and you will not receive an award).
  3. You may have your award shipped to you.

The only awards delivered to the banquet are awards for members purchasing tickets. If you are not in attendance, your award will not be available for pick up by someone else. You must choose another option above.

This year’s banquet will be a buffet meal which includes:  Meat Lasagna which is Italian Chicken Sausage layered with six (6) Italian Cheeses, Fresh Pasta Sheets and Marinara Sauce, served with Caesar Salad, Chef Selected Vegetable, and Garlic Bread; with a choice of coffee, lemonade, or water.

Ticket prices are the same for adults and children. Please note that all parties attending the awards banquet must purchase a banquet ticket. There is limited seating available and the CKA incurs a food charge for every person in attendance.

Please note that the location has a limited capacity, the banquet hall needs an exact number, and the trophy and embroidery companies will not accept any additional orders or responses after November 18, 2019. Remember that the awards are personalized so these companies need time to complete your order. We always receive questions about what to wear to the banquet. Uniforms are not worn.

The Stonebrook Manor is a beautiful place with great photo opportunities in front of fireplaces, Christmas Trees, circular staircases, etc.
Dress accordingly and have a wonderful celebration.

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