letter from the President (CLICK TO READ)
Thank you for your patience at the Season Opener!

Please read – this info has changed!!! THE CKA IS EXCITED TO BRING YOU ON-LINE REGISTRATION (FOR CKA MEMBERS) AND CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS!!!  We know that this has been a long time coming but it has not been easy.  The good news is that yes, Mr. David Coppock, accepted credit cards at the Summer Fistival tournament on Saturday.  The CKA will also be accepting credit cards at its future events.  Since it’s new I would suggest having some extra cash just in case :) .   We are hoping to have the on-line registration up and running for the Season Finale.  Due to logistics of getting the on-line registration working for us, this will only be open to CKA members.  If you are not a CKA member you will not be able to pre-register on-line, but you may still pre-register through the mail.   

Info has also changed!!!ATTENTION ALL MEMBERS AND ANYONE ELSE LOOKING FOR RESULTS:  The CKA is experiencing technical difficulties that have affected the results from all tournaments.  We are working on this and please check back for updates.  At this time the results for the Season Opener and Summer Fistival have been corrected.  Please review those points and let us know of any problems.  

THIS MAY MEAN YOU!  If you have competed in the first 3 tournaments (prior to June 30th) AND if you have placed 1st-8th place in any of the divisions you have competed in, you have earned points that may be used to qualify you for the year end CKA State Champion for your division(s).  The way to check to ensure you are a member is to go to the member button on the right and do a member search.  If your name is not listed, we do not have your membership information and your points will not accumulate.  Normally only member points will show on the results page, however, due to the glitch in the system, some non-member points were showing up.  When the database is fixed, non-member points will be removed and cannot be reinstated.  MAKE SURE YOU ARE A MEMBER!!!  The deadline is JUNE 30th to sign up as a member or any of the points earned in the first 3 tournaments of the year WILL NOT count towards the end of the year State Championship.  There are no exceptions – please refer to the rule book.  If you have any questions please contact Jean Paschke, Vice President, at jean@fivestarmartialarts.com; or any of the other board members.  

Mark your calendars – the following dates have been confirmed for tournaments in 2016:

  • Season Opener – March 12th (Loveland)
  • RAGE – May 14th (Parker)
  • Summer Fistival – June 18th (Parker)
  • Summer Jam – August 6th (Parker)
  • Rocky Mtn Regionals Season Finale – September 17th (Loveland)
  • CKA Annual Awards Banquet – December 3rd (Stonebrook Manor)


Would you like to:

  • IncreaseStudent Rention;
  • Build Dojo and Team Camaraderie;
  • Be a State Champion;
  • Diversify Your Martial Arts Skills;
  • Bring Out Your Best by Competing With the Best?
The Colorado Karate Association (CKA) is just for you!
Here’s a few tips to help you find the information you’re looking for:
  • Tournament fliers – Located under the Event Fliers;
  • Calendar – Check here for all tournament dates and any other activities that you may all be interested in;
  • Newsletter – We will keep you updated with any new information under News.

Congratulations to Jaden Werkhoven, ABMA, winner of the 2013 annual art contest

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Written on April 11th, 2011

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